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In my previous blog, I suggested a gentle Cleansing Program, which is a nice prelude to a deeper body cleansing program. Did you go on the Cleansing Program? I invite you to share your experiences here.

Now, let’s learn how to take spring cleaning to the next level with a 3-day Fast!

A Fast is an abstinence from solid foods.

Fasting has a long-standing spiritual tradition, and almost every religion has some type of fasting ritual. The Fast is an intentional purification for health and/or spiritual reasons. It is a time to turn away from the stressors of everyday life, and to get deeper in touch with nature, self, and spirit.

A Spring Fast is a wonderful way to lighten up and reduce winter build-up as the Fast supports and boosts the body’s metabolic processes which are continuously disposing accumulated toxic matter. In traditional Chinese medicine, fasting is considered preventive health care.  Fasting is also a traditional therapy for people who suffer from conditions of food and chemical sensitivity, chronic illness and digestive disturbance, and to overcome food addictions that stem from a longing to be full and fulfilled. After fasting, being empty is not so scary. Most people have a hard time fasting alone and find it much easier fasting in a supportive group retreat setting.

Initially, I learned about fasting from my first mentors, Drs. Paavo Airola and Bernard Jensen nearly 40 years ago. They taught me both the physiological and psychological benefits of regular, supervised fasting. I have been designing customized individual fasts and guiding 3 and 7 day residential fasting programs annually since 1984. I, with my staff and nurturing approach, have guided over 1500 people with a wide variety of health issues to safely and joyfully fast.
The health benefits of fasting include:

  • Alleviating inflammation that contributes to all forms of ‘itis’ such as dermatitis, gastritis, colitis, arthritis, neuritis, sinusitis, hepatitis, etc.
  • Alleviating chemical, environmental and food sensitivity
  • Alleviating chronic muscle and nerve pain
  • Improving liver, bowel and kidney function
  • Improving mental clarity
  • Jump starting safe and effective weight loss
  • Breaking dependencies and addictions to unhealthy foods, substances and habits

A person might fast for one day to a week, or more. In its most restrictive form, a fasting person drinks only water and is confined to bed rest. I don’t advocate a water fast as it deprives the body of needed calories and nutrients.

There are several versions of Fasts, such as the Master Cleanser Lemonade Diet, a Fruit or Vegetable Juice Fast, or a Modified Food-based Fast with a blended menu which I developed to make it possible for more people to achieve an exhilarating and stable fasting experience.

One major difference between the Vitality Fast and the Modified Food-based Fast: In addition to drinking alkaline-rich beverages, our Vitality Fast guests learn how to self-administer an enema to facilitate colon cleansing. As the colon clears, the mind clears, often opening up spiritual channels that were blocked. When this happens, fasters experience exceptional clarity and expanded awareness, which is known by fasting experts, as the fasting high.

The Perfect 3-Day Fast

I suggest a 3-day fast for beginners to allow them to experience the health and lucidity that fasting brings. During the May Bauman College Vitality Fasting Retreat, solid food is eschewed in favor of beverages that include purified water, teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and mineral broth. We provide Vital Scoop smoothies for those who have blood sugar issues.

To insure a successful fast, begin with a gradual cleanse.  I suggest at least two days of cleansing for each day fasting, both at the beginning and at end of the fast. So a 3.5 day fast would have a week-long cleanse before the fast, and after the fast. (After fasting, eating is wonderful!) This way, the body will not be shocked by the sudden change and reduction in calories and nutrients. This process also mitigates the common side effects and withdrawal symptoms (fatigue, headaches, rashes and intense mental and emotional expression) that make it difficult for people to have a successful fast.

Note: For anyone with existing medical problems and taking pharmaceutical drugs, it is very important to consult with a qualified and experienced health practitioner, and have that person be on hand to monitor the fasting program.

Detoxification Programs Require Professional Guidance and Monitoring

A Detoxification Program is more focused and therapeutic than either a Cleanse or Fast. The intent in this case, is to eliminate specific harmful compounds from the body.

Detoxification may take place in a clinical out-patient setting, or included as part of a supervised cleansing or fasting program with a very skilled health professional. Close monitoring of a person is essential as symptoms will arise requiring a specific, immediate, and therapeutic response. It is also important to note that when people are in the midst of Detoxification Program, they often become agitated and emotionally unstable.

I have worked with a number of people who have become ill when they were improperly guided in what they were told was a detox program. A normal detoxification process, with a measurable successful outcome, takes many months to complete. One doesn’t clear pathogens, such as mercury, cadmium or lead, microbes such as a bacteria, yeast or parasite, or overcome an addiction to cocaine, heroin or alcohol in a predictable or limited time frame.

Many people and detox product companies advertise a four to six-week Detox Program with a list of benefits, most of which cannot be verified. Do not attempt to undergo a do-it-yourself detoxification program by following what someone suggests in a book or on the back of a product package. Detoxification requires professional assessment, individualized program development, and careful monitoring of the person.  I suggest natural health educators work with naturopathic or functional medical doctors to insure safety and professional oversight.

Join me at the 3-day Bauman College Vitality Fasting Retreat!

Are you ready spring forward? Do you want to lose some winter weight and congestion? Try the Gentle Cleanse and 3-Day Fast at home with a friend or better yet, let’s experience the fasting high together at the Bauman College Vitality Fasting Retreat, May 10-13th  at the beautiful Stillheart Institute in Woodside, California. Stillheart Institute is a sanctuary on holy grounds supported by a genuine healing mission that permeates the facility. Enjoy the experience of being clearer, cleaner, and more naturally, you.

For me, the Vitality Fasting Program is truly the Health Adventure of a Lifetime. It has changed my life and my health in a profound way. I now make many of the wonderful teas, juices, broths and smoothies Dr. Ed Bauman shared with us. I learn more and feel better with each fast I attend.
-Penny Michel, Artist


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